The Effects of Movies in a Society

People tend to become what they behold. An average person watches two movies a month if he’s too busy. But given the chance to slack off and stay in their pyjamas all day, most people would be watching movies or series all day long. Have you wondered how movies shaped our society today? How they impact you as a person? Here’s what our findings say:

Movies Affect Our Judgement

There are thousands of movies that taught us what is right or wrong. For example, Devil’s Advocate in 1997 showed us that pursuing a career and the intense desire to excel at it is good, however; it can break you as a person if you are not careful. Somehow, movies affect our judgement whether we are on walking on the right path or not. People want to be good generally, so they tend to follow what’s good for them and for their loved ones.

The Made Us Aware About Present Issues

Movies can tell us stories and let us feel what it feels like to be on someone’s shoes. They tackle timely issues that we all need to be aware of. They made us feel how it’s like to live in extreme poverty, to be drowning in addiction, how it feels like to be discriminated because of your colour, and more.

Movies Showed Us the Future

Movies made us aware of environmental issues and how they are going to affect us if taken for granted. As a result, more people support environmental campaigns aiming to preserve nature.

Movies Define What’s Cool

Before, people think that being in a varsity or becoming a football player is the coolest thing in the world. The nerds were made fun of and usually featured in comedy films. That was the case until Star Wars came into the picture. It inspired more films focusing on smart people and how they changed the world using their super-brains. It made an impression that being a geek or nerd is cool too.