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Any Suggestions?

Muzeval may not be as grand as the biggest cinema you can find in an Amsterdam city trip, but at least we have a unique touch to offer for everyone who visits. If you have suggestions on what programs we can host to support our mission, email us.

A Place for Everyone

Muzeval has been part of the community for decades. It’s good to keep the fire burning. Muzeval has something for everyone. From kids, teens, adults, and seniors, Muzeval is a place to be. Doing meaningful activities together creates the bond in the community that will truly impact the unity of the town.

Kids’ Shows and Programs

Muzeval host programs suitable for kids once a month. We feature kid-friendly shows and movies for them to enjoy. After the movie, they can spend time with their friends doing fun-filled activities. These activities are programmed to be educating and fun at the same time. We are sure that your kids will look forward to our programs.

Script Writing and Acting Programs

Did we mention we support independent films? In a way, we make them, too. Muzeval encourages teens to young adults to excavate their hidden talents in filmmaking through creating their own masterpieces. Muzeval script writing and acting programs boost confidence to anyone who participates.

Senior Social Club

Age is just a number. Every day is the perfect time to make new friends and experience fun things together. Muzeval senior social club kills the boredom of people under this age group. The club is free hands. No rules needed. They watch a movie together, eat at their favourite restaurant as a group after each movie, and even exercise together every morning. If you are a senior and want to be part of the club, contact us.