Life is Like a Movie, Make a Good One

Write your own story.  Create your own map, that what custom map prints are for. You are the important character who struggled at first but found his talent along the way. You struggled more but you refuse to throw the towel. Isn’t it funny that life is like a movie? It makes us cry, laugh, captivated, fall in love, sad, hopeful, sorrowful, and many more emotions we cannot convey through words. Don’t live someone else’s life. Don’t play a role in someone else’s movie. Create your own destiny. Make it cool and beautiful like Amsterdam sights to see.

A Protagonist Lose Some and Win Some

You’ve seen those movies about gambling. The character was so smart, he could manipulate his luck in Las Vegas, and live like a millionaire for a day. But the latter part of the story would tell you that as he won, he also loses. Same with life, we don’t always win. But what matter is, we don’t give up.

Great Experiences Usually Happens When You Travel

In the case of Eat Pray Love movie, Liz found her greatest experiences when she decided to let loose and travel without a plan. This is true for most us, who lead our busy lives trying to survive the day. It’s full of routine that we forget the essence of why we do them. This is the life of most people riding the New York hop on hop off bus. They need to be in one place to another and go to the next, it’s an unending cycle. You don’t have to spend a fortune, it’s okay to settle for cheaper alternatives like hotels in Amsterdam for students and more. So, if you have the opportunity like Liz, pack your bags and let your wings fly.

Sometimes or Most of the Times, Things Don’t Go as Planned

If we can control time like Dr Strange, things will be easier. But we are not him. You’ve seen those movies where things go out of hand and the story kind of revolve around it. Life is like a tour where the character purchases a sagrada familia ticket. She drove her car to the airport but suddenly her tires went flat. A young man came to help and there start the love story scene. It is frustrating when things don’t go as planned, just don’t miss the little surprises it causes along the way.