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Bonding with your family is a special gift. Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember how excited you are for the weekends? Because you long to bond with your family and finally have the time for leisure. Bonding with your family during weekends work in wonders. These moments are extra special because they create pleasant memories that we will all cherish for the rest of our lives. Spend your weekends with us. Our theatre is perfect for families. We choose featured movies carefully to ensure that there will be a movie perfect for every visitors.

Great Crowd to Share a Movie with

Muzeval is not really the biggest theatre in town. But we take pride that our visitors kept on coming back to watch here. You’ll enjoy watching with these folks. They can be movie critics themselves but chose not to. Because enjoying the movie and trying to dissect the mind of the writer is much more fun rather than criticizing their work.

Supporting Independent Films

Mainstream movies are great because they compile the most talented producers, scriptwriters, animators, and famous actors. They are loaded with budget and sponsors to make them happen. But what about independent films? Some people despise and/or avoid low-budget films because there's nothing much to see but a bunch of actors talking. You’ve seen movies like those. However, there are great independent movies out there which can capture the emotions of people living a normal life. Here at Muzeval, we don’t discriminate. We support young movie makers so they could continue their passion and reach their farthest horizon.

Classic Theater Look

Muzeval is not the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, but Muzeval is quite artsy for a movie theatre. Thanks to the local artist who contribute their skills and talents to this theatre and make it look like no other. The paintings you’ll see here are donated mostly by artists. You can also check out the classic film posters painted back in the 1980s. Most of the visitors find them nostalgic and they could bring back a lot of memories of how things used to be.

Delicious Snacks and Drinks

A movie will never be complete without your favourite snack and drinks. The great part is you can use your Amsterdam card to get more snacks to munch. All the snacks here are instant favourites because they are homemade. Homemade snacks are healthier options compared to mass-produced snacks you can buy from malls and food stores.

Muzeval Appreciates Your Support

Muzeval has been around for decades. We have witnessed how the town has changed by time. It’s hard to admit that the old days were the days when everything was much more simple. But Muzeval still looks ahead and do everything it can to hold on and preserve the tradition of the town. Though many things have changed, there are still people who are very supportive of what we believe in. Muzeval would be no longer here if not for those people.

Muzeval is not just a movie theatre. Our mission is to bind together the people in the area to create unity and harmony in the neighbourhood. To get updates on when we will be hosting our next events or programmes, please register.


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